Thanks for being a HOUSEWIFE...

Monday, February 8, 2010


Today...February 8th 2010, my routine reminds me of my mom because it's her routine everyday...

5:30 am: Wake up, take bath, prays.

6.30 am: Take my breakfast and surfing ( of course my mom didn't surf the internet...hehe)

7.30 am: Start 'the job', the research of course.

9.00 am: CleBoldan up the house. Every single inch...

10.30 am: Wash clothes. Another tiring task..

11.30 am: Prepare for lunch.

1.00 pm: Lunch time!!! nyum3...

3.00 pm: Fall to sleep.

That's it. It's tiring...

But, all days, it keep remind me about my mom's routine. Well, she's an ordinary full time housewife. Since the day she's married to my dad, she's 16 year-old at that moment, until now. How many years??? Never mind.

One day, she told me to study hard and don't end up being a full time housewife like her. Because her routine start early in the morning and ended...may be midnight, she slept, then wakes up again and continues with the same things. Cleaning, cooking, and taking care of kids and husband. No allowances, no holidays. Hm...

Yup. It is tiring and boring being a housewife. But, she's the reason why I love staying at home. She always there. The house never feels lonely. Believe it or not, I don't know if I can be who I am now if she's not there. So, thanks mom.

One of my colleague feel lonely each time he's at home, so he decided to go out, hang out with some friends, get involve in fighting and gangsters. Wandering what happen to him after that.

For me, it’s fine to be a housewife though. Family, happiness is something that money can’t buy. Nowadays, woman need to works as much as man. Our living cost keeps increasing. But it’s not the reason to forget, what the most important thing for us, everyone you love.

Now, I’m asking myself, will I end up being housewife or career woman???

I want both of them.

That’s it. And I love this song, You Raise me up by Westlife.


...takkan berhenti menari!!!

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