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Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is Anger?

Anger is a natural human emotion that everyone is bound to experience throughout the course of their life. It is a strong emotion, closely related to passion, and it can be a productive emotion.

Most of them ask you to shut your anger and do not express your feelings. But, I say that to safeguard your helath, it is essential to let your feelings to be known by others. You should definitely let others know your feelings if you are ill treated or not given any respect to your personal feelings. It is also essential to maintain the relationships at the time of expressing the anger. Hence, the best way is to express your anger in a healthy manner.

But HOW???

Well, i do my own research through the internet, a very simple research, but helpful. (for me...)

3 simple steps to express your anger:-

Whatever is the cause of your anger, STOP for a while. This will allow the person to compose oneself and think rationally about the situation and the thing that triggers the anger.

Stopping will help the person to settle down.

At the onset of anger, the adrenalin and the oxygen intake is high. Causing health problem such as hyperventilation or worst cardiac arrest.

Once negative emotion reach the person's being, it will certainly create more harm and no good at all.

Look at the possibilities, reasons and ways on how to get anger step out of the person's system.

The possible situations like what will anger create if the person allow anger to take hold of the entire day, weeks or month. Personally, anger has created health issues like skin problems, acne, wrinkles, blemishes and skin impurities. It can also disrupt the persons daily activities resulting to unproductive ness and soon loss of job. So many lives have been lost just because anger is mishandled.

Think of the reasons. searching the persons deepest being is more beneficial than thinking of reasons why you get mad. Reasons on why would one allow anger to take hold of our day, it is as if it will just get something that belongs to us. Say to yourself, this is my life and I will not allow anything to get it from me... not even anger.

Then find ways... ways to let it go, grow and eventually glow within yourself.
Let it go, let the anger go. Because once you have learned the art of letting go that is the time one can grow. Part of growing is handling anger in a mature way. How? just think that it is not an isolated thing, anger doesn't find its way to you alone. It can happily hit anyone it pleases. So just shrug it off your system. Cry if you must and once your tears gave its last drop ... pick up yourself and feel right again.

Listen to your heart. All of us have that innate goodness. Because we came from the same Creator and Giver of life. So trust your heart and listen to it. For sure revenge will not come out from it as suggestion. But rather it will yield peace, forgiveness and deliverance.

Pray if you must. No matter what religion one belongs, a divine guidance always gives a person some stillness.
Then try to look for ways to pour out the emotion. If you have passion in writing then do some novels, poems, short stories or blogs. If you love to draw then hit the pen and move that paint brush. If you love to travel go to the place where you can be free to express yourself.

If you love to eat then go and indulge. Do it fast, do it creatively and do it constantly.

Then finally,
Smile... because don't you know that all the greatest person in the universe have felt anger at least once in their lives... and yet they manage to cope. Some artist use their anger or agitation to create a piece, a song, an article. You see, creative thinking can be applied to anything even in handling anger. So why would you allow anger to destroy your entire being?

So...When anger hit a person.... just Stop, Look and Listen then Smile.....because life is such a beautiful journey so enjoy and be free. is beautiful journey. How to enjoy it, is up to us...

This my personal note about anger. About one year ago, i guess, I can't handle my anger and shout to person who make me angry. What they did were wrong, definitely, cause i will never ever get angry for small matters. Then, i called a friend, let call him MrNiceGuy, i told him everything.
He said,"Marah tu sifat syaitan, dayah dan syaitan musuh kita. Minta maaf. Mungkin hari ni awak benci dia, satu hari awak perlukan dia." As expected from MrNiceGuy.

But then, another friend called me, let call him MrHotTemper, i told him the same story, exactly the same. As expected from MrHotTemper," Biar je dia, memang patut kena marah."

Two different persons, with two totally different opinion. Of course, i take the first advice, I really don't want to be like MrHotTemper who used to easily hit people when he get angry.

So i realized, i was wrong too, because i can't control my anger. Shouting to someone who used to be my friends, someone who cry with me. She's the only one can feel my pain at that moment. We're in the same boat with a different story. I grateful, she was there for me.

I regret it, somehow. Regret is good but it won't change anything. So I apologize and explain everything to her, and now she still my friend...lucky!!haha... Honestly, I don't want it to happen again, to me or others.

That's all...

...takkan berhenti menari!!!


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