[SongOfTheDay] Fine

Thursday, February 4, 2010


--by Bunkface

Why is it everytime i try

it always comes back as a lie

i could believe in the words that you say to me

but lately i think i wont agree

What makes the world go by

if you cannot crush my life

What holds you up so high

when you want it all the time

Cause we will be fine

in matter of time

subject to my mind

as were crossing the line

Direction to see

Perfection to be

A pain of a kind

always crushing on me

Suffercate, time, matter i'll be fine..today

And the days they go on and on

as all the time im all alone

it never pays me to say that im not ok

but you still have time to make fun of me...

p/s: don't why, this song in my mind all day...nice song..


...takkan berhenti menari!!!


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