Kerja oh kerja.... Part I

Monday, November 28, 2011

Assalammualaikum semua=)
Wah...dah bersawang penajannah!!! Sorry dear... Saya abaikan kamu=(
Tetapi, penajannah takkan berhenti menari!!! So, i'm back.....

Sihat??? Semoga semuanya baik-baik belaka. Entry terakhir pada 1 Syawal, sekarang sudah 2 Muharam.. Salam Maal Hijrah semuanya... Semoga Allah menjadi kita semua hamba-Nya yang lebih baik, tabah, cekal dan tentunya beriman. =)

'Kerja oh Kerja' Tajuk entry kali ini. Sebenarnya, saya cuma ingin berkongsi pengalaman beberapa bulan bekerja. Berapa bulan ye? 7,8,9,10,11...ohh 5...baru 5 bulan...(dengan erti kata lain, i'm still junior..)

First of all, i'm working as Software Developer in private IT company around Tanjong Bungah, Penang.The first sentence came out from my boss : " I have a very high expectation on you. I want you to manage a project."

At that moment i felt like fainted or maybe fall to sleep immediately... (cause i felt so sleepy and blur) I didn't refuse even though i'm so confuse. "What this guy see in me? Don't you know that i'm fresh graduate?" For the whole week, i'm very blur.
Office mate: How's your project?
Me: Look at me, what do you think?
Office mate: Miss Blur!
Me: Absolutely right!
Office mate: It's okay. You're still new. Takes time to learn...

Well, he's right. I start learning from the beginning, because almost everything is new for me. I forgot to mention here, this is my first job in IT industry.  I'm trying to be positive, something like this:-
"When people expect somethings from you, take it as a challenge and lift up to that expectation. Never say NO to opportunity. You don't know what you capable of until you try your best!"

After one month, thanks God, i'm be able to capture this project and put it in my head.

I'm doing programming... Do not disturb!

Managing People
The second challenge came in after a month. New team members! And they're all fresh graduate. Nice! Inexperience manager will manages inexperience team members... =__+"  But...did i say NO? Never...

Managing people required few skills: communication skill, leadership skill and of course technical skill.
Communication, not a problem because we all in the same planet, understand English quite well. Leadership. As a leader, i need to be able to motivate my team members when they feel down or stress. Working in IT field, you can't avoid workload or requirement changes. 
"Why suddenly it's change? Last times is 'A', now 'B'? Wasting our time you know..."
"Too much work to do. I really don't know how to manage my time!"
"What if we didn't make it? What if it cannot be done?"

Those were few complaints from them. They are still young, lack of experience, lack of confidence. All i did is listen to them, motivate them, makes sure they stay positive and force them to work within timeline. One funny experience, when i suddenly get sick and take MC before Hari Raya, they still call me, message me, asking about this and that. Even during my Hari Raya leave. Aishhh.... 
But i'm glad to have them in my team. They are hardworking, energetic and work well as a team.

Alahai Trainee

ok..To be continued.....

...takkan berhenti menari!!!

p/s: i like my job...cause it full of challenges...^__^/

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