[MyLife] I am a student

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A friend asks…why you go to school?

Don’t you feel bored? School is bored.

Teachers are annoying.

Books? Don’t ask. I hate school!!!

I keep smiling…

No wonder she skip school every day.

She did lie to her parents.

Till one day she’s no longer here.

Somebody ask me again,

Why you go to university?

What so good about that?

Just to have a good job right? with high salary every month?

I about to laugh…

Then again, someone asks me

Why you are still here? You are degree holder.

You are qualified for a good job, with high salary…higher than mine.

I smile and about to laugh…

Well…only one answer in my mind

I love study, so much

The beauty of knowing something is so wonderful that I can’t deny.

Study itself is interesting, not the school or teacher,

Or university,

I want to be a student,

From the day I was born till the day I died,

From my first step till my last breath,

I am a student…


...takkan berhenti menari!!!


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