Till then, maybe

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That night
i had a dream
dream of you...
holding my hand

and kiss it
'I miss you'
you say...
it makes me cry
and smile...

It just a dream
or another crush
you're the one
someone i can't live without

Did you know
the pain i felt inside
the loneliness that surrounding me
its killing me
makes me down a bit
falling slowly...
thanks God
for the strength He gave me

And can't you see
deep inside my heart
i am afraid
of falling again...
am tired of crying
all over again...
This fragile heart of mine
don't need another pain..

I want you
In every breath I take

I need you
In every single beats of my heart
I miss you...
I want to stay by your side...

Till my life is through
Till that day come
Till i reach my star 
I'll keep praying
for you and me...

Till then, maybe...

...takkan berhenti menari!!!


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