Why Mars and Venus Collide?

Monday, March 22, 2010


Within this 3 months, i'm going to be very busy regarding my research project. Uhh i never talk about my research in this blog right...maybe later, let me finish it first =P
so currently i already let go almost everything i like to do, no more watching tv or video or series drama, no more gaming (only play Sudoku to keep my brain working..haha) and no more short story writing(need to finish my thesis writing first..huhu)
but there's one thing i can't let go in any circumstances, its book =P what to do, reading...already in my blood since the day i was bond...and it does reduce my stress level...=___=

theBook i'm reading currently is Why Mars and Venus Collide written by John Gray,PhD. Gray is a psychologist in private practice and a leading authority on communication and relationships. His famous multi-million-copy bestseller book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, have sold over 10 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 37 languages. WOW!!! Unfortunately, i haven't read that book, not yet.haha...

Why Mars & Venus Collide...well men and women are different, we all know that pretty well, but if our genes have stood still than social changes have not. Overworked, stressed-out and time-poor, we can barely keep up with the frenzied pace of our lives -and our relationships are breaking down as a result.

Breaking down is tiring and it does hurt so much. Try hard to avoid it but sometimes it is written. Men and Women are different, face the fact, but i believe the differences are purposely to complete each other...the relationship turn out to be more interesting. This book, explain how men and women cope with stress. I don't know much about Mars but nowadays Venus stress level is increasing, with working, home, kids and partner, the burden is heavier than traditional women. Instead of asking why women end up like this, a better question is, how women cope with their modern life and how their partner can help or at least, understand the situation well, (if you can't help, at least don't make it worse). It is the same situation for Mars, the modern life make the burden heavier, make the stress level getting higher.

As i go through this book, so far just finish Chapter 3, understand how your partner handle stress, what they really need when difficult situation came out, how they react to solve a problem, might help us to help them without increasing our own stress. Let me quote something from this book...

Our greatest challenge today is that men and women cope with stress differently.

The problem is never just our partner but our own ability to cope with stress.

Women mistakenly expect men to react and behave the way women do, while men continue to misunderstand what women really need.

Men need to feel needed, and women need to feel they are not alone.

last but not least...

Real love does not demand perfection but actually embraces imperfection.

That's all for now. Love to share something with someone. Sharing is loving right. The conclusion, learn to understand each other in order to love each other.

Do visit this website for more information: http://www.marsvenus.com

Thank you.

...takkan berhenti menari!!!

This research does make me tired..huhu but with full support, i feel like on top of the world.haha Pray 4 me...


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