Weird feeling

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It is weird, this feeling...
how or when it will come, we don't know
never realized
like a whisper in the heavy rain

Weird, very weird feeling
you feel close when it so far
his name is etched on the gateway of your heart
his face makes you smile
his laugh makes you fly
without him,
you like a flower which have no fragrance
like a bird without wings

it is weird
this feeling might gone
yet you never realized
when or how it does
those feeling that makes you smile
suddenly makes you cry
the pain, it hurt so much
can't put it in words
try hard to forget, try harder to hate
but those words from his mouth
makes your love grow even more,
'I'm sorry...'
you didn't think twice
' I already forgive you.'
weird feeling...

It is weird yet so beautiful, this feeling
might come again
to someone who deserve your tears.

...takkan berhenti menari!!!
p/s: i do love you so much...Nescafe! hehe


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